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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the questions to find the answers to these frequently asked questions:

What are the income guidelines?
As of FY 2003 you can apply if your gross income falls under the amounts listed below. Many times applicants think they are above these limits but find out they are eligible. Do not include your savings in this number, only the interest you receive. To be safe call us and let us verify your income.

Income Limits for Family Size

# in Family Annual Income
1 $43,750
2 $50,000
3 $56,250
4 $62,500
5 $67,500
6 $72,500
7 $77,500
8 $82,500

If I have money in a CD or savings account am I still eligible?
Yes. We calculate only the interest as income. As long as it doesn’t go over the maximum rent.

Can I have pets?
Yes, there is a pet policy that you must follow. Generally no pets over 20 lbs. and only those approved by the policy. Click here to see the pet policy.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes, there is a list and priority is given to residents of Watervliet, then former residents. The length all depends on your family size. The length of time varies so we would encourage you to submit an application as soon as possible. You will then receive a letter that states your name is on our list. Keep this letter, it verifies our receipt of your application. Each year we send out a letter asking if you still want your name on our list. You must respond back within the proper time. Tell us if you change your address or phone number.

What is included in rent?
With the exception of Van Rensselaer Village your gross rent includes heat, electricity, your range and refrigerator. It does not include cable TV or telephone. We do have a master TV antenna that will give you basic channel reception. Van Rensselaer also provides a range and refrigerator and an on site laundry facility

Are the apartments furnished?
No. They all have a range and refrigerator, some have hardwood floors but none come furnished.

Is the complex on a bus line?
All complexes are either directly on a bus line or 1-2 blocks away from one.

Is there a bus stop for children?
School busses pick up children at each of the three family complexes.

What schools are close?
Watervliet Elementary School, Watervliet High School, Maplewood School, St. Bridgid’s Catholic Elementary School, Catholic Central High School.

Is it a nice neighborhood?
We are very proud of our city. It has an excellent record of great living and a great place to raise your children.

How long is the lease?
The lease is a monthly lease, which is renewed automatically each month when your rent is paid.

How much is the security deposit?
The security deposit is equal to one month’s gross rent or $125 whichever is greater. For VRV tenants it's one month's rent.

What is needed to move in?
A security deposit (equal to one month’s gross rent) and one month’s rent. You must also be able to put the utility bill in your name prior to admission.

Is there a parking lot or on-street parking?
Most of the complexes do have parking lots which tenants and their visitors can park in free of charge, however on-street parking is available at all the complexes.